Moon Shadow by Julia Wild

 Moon Shadow

‘You’ll destroy me if I let you…’    Ellie Morrison is an actress by trade. So what’s she doing on a ranch in Montana posing as a housekeeper and investigating the murky past of its good-looking owner, Declan Kelloway? And why does she find herself attracted to her new boss? After all, she has a perfectly satisfactory man in her life.  And Declan is just part of her job, isn’t he?

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction/Romance

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Tags: Intrigue, Mystery, Love.

The book Moon Shadow has it’s own history. It was due to be published in July 1999 in paperback and I was so excited. Then came the even better news, that the publishers decided that Moon Shadow, along with the releases from their other top authors – would come out in November – in hardback – in the States! This was such thrilling news. Sadly though, the publishers pulled the Scarlet line just two weeks before Moon Shadow was due out… So in the end, it was never launched.  Within a couple of years though, I worked for another publisher, who were so excited about Moon Shadow, but it was a tad long for their imprint, then they promised to launch it as a Summer Sizzler! That never happened, though.

So, hopefully, now – it is third time lucky and I am publishing Moon Shadow myself, both as an eBook and on Createspace as a print on demand book. I have been thrilled with the response to this book and below are a few of the generous reviews on Amazon.

Five Star Review: This is a gripping book, like the other books by Julia Wild it has some fantastic twists and a gripping story. It is beautifully visual and each time I picked it up, I delved straight into the well described scenes.
Also, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it really is a beautiful looking book too. *****

Five Star Review: What a great book this is! Really superb story which keeps you wanting to read on. Plenty of descriptive writing, each character came alive and you felt you knew them well! Have already downloaded another of the writer’s books! *****

Four Star Review: Julia Wild has a wonderful voice and a wonderful way with words. From page 1 the dialogue, characters and scene descriptions flowed effortlessly off the page. Ellie, the heroine and an unemployed actress, was a hoot – witty, direct, kind-hearted and often clueless (she is sent undercover as a housekeeper, but tries to do the bear minimum of work. Her first day at the ranch makes for a hilarious read). Declan remained an enigma for most of the book, mainly due to his story being told from Ellie’s viewpoint, so his character made for intriguing read. I’m looking forward to reading more of her books. **** (I know this is a four star one – but I enjoyed reading the review!!!)

Moon Shadow – Paperback available from Kindle Direct Publishing and E book from Amazon

Release date 2nd February 2016
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