Illusions – published April 2017 – Winner of the RNA’s Romance Prize 2003 (now the Rona Rose) 

The Bride: On her hen night, Tasha Stone meets the man of her dreams. She’s still determined to marry staid, safe Alan – so where’s the harm in a brief, passionate fling before the ring is on her finger? The Lover: Dexter Riley can’t believe it. He’s finally met the girl he’s been searching for all his life – only to discover that she’s engaged to another man. What’s worse, while Dexter is quite happy to marry Tasha in place of her fiancé, she makes it clear that she is not interested. The future: Can there be a happy-ever-after ending for Dexter and Tasha – or are they destined to share just a casual affair?

Ebook www.amazon.co.uk/Illusions-Julia-Wild-ebook/dp/B06Y4RP771

Paperback https://www.amazon.co.uk/Illusions-Julia-Wild/dp/1511674253/

Secrets – published April 2017

Seven years ago, at the height of their romance, Josh Rivers was prepared to give up everything for Abby James. But because of the dark secret which she couldn’t share with him, she had left him without a word… Now, just when it seems that Abby finally has a chance to reach for the stars, she discovers that Josh has the power to stop her in her tracks.

Ebook www.amazon.co.uk/Secrets-Julia-Wild-ebook/dp/B06Y2DQFBN

Paperback www.amazon.co.uk/Secrets-Julia-Wild/dp/1508644934

Soul Whispers – Published July 2016 

Take one luxury yacht, add a gorgeous, sexy man, blend with romance and sprinkle with dreams… Megan Lacey is through with love! Jordan Elliot made a fool of her and she’s not going to let that happen again. A husband who’s gone walkabout isn’t a great advertisement for marriage; Megan is determined to forget Jordan as quickly as he seems to have forgotten her. What better way than a few passion-filled nights with a mysterious, desirable stranger – who might not be all that he seems?

E book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Soul-Whispers-Julia-Wild-ebook/dp/B01J0CIV5O/

Paperback  www.amazon.co.uk/Soul-Whispers-Julia-Wild/dp/1507824173/


Moon Shadow – Published February 2016

‘You’ll destroy me if I let you…’

Ellie Morrison is an actress by trade, so what’s she doing on a ranch in Montana posing as a housekeeper and investigating the murky past of its good-looking owner Declan Kelloway? And why does she find herself attracted to her new boss? After all, she has a perfectly satisfactory man in her life. And Declan is just part of her job, isn’t he?

E book       https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01BDS33RE

Paperback www.amazon.co.uk/Moon-Shadow-Julia-Wild/dp/1507815921/

juliawild-bluesilkpromise2 (5)

Blue Silk Promise…

Nick knows that there is something wrong. Surely he would remember being engaged to someone as quirky and gorgeous as Kayanne? But she insists they are to be married and that she is passionately in love with him. And so the wedding goes ahead and Nick is soon honeymooning with his bride, though it is a honeymoon in name only.  But out in the darkness there is someone who is determined to keep it that way – someone who has reason to want Nick dead and Kayanne “widowed”…


The final cover choice for the eBook of Dark Canvas

Dark Canvas ~ Winner of the RNA New Writers’ Award in 1997

Abbey is at the height of her career, has a lovely home and a steady boyfriend. All is wonderful until someone begins to threaten her. Jake Westaway comes into her life when he brings Abbey a message. He has no intention of sticking around, since she’s definitely not his type, but somehow, he has difficulty leaving…