Blue Silk Promise by Julia Wild

juliawild-bluesilkpromise2 (5)Blue Silk Promise…
Nick knows that there is something wrong. Surely he would remember being engaged to someone as quirky and gorgeous as Kayanne? But she insists they are to be married and that she is passionately in love with him. And so the wedding goes ahead and Nick is soon honeymooning with his bride, though it is a honeymoon in name only. But out in the darkness there is someone who is determined to keep it that way – someone who has reason to want Nick dead and Kayanne “widowed”…
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction/Romance/Romantic Suspense
Tags: Mysterious/Relationships/Thrilling

Blue Silk Promise was my second novel, published in 1998 by Scarlet.  I made the decision after obtaining the reversion of rights to my books that I would produce them as eBooks in the order that they were originally published. I put the eBook on Amazon at the end of 2014, where  it has a few fabulous 5-Star Reviews!

Five Star Review: Having not long ago read Dark canvas and fallen in love with Julia’s writing I was a little worried reading this book as to whether it would live up to Dark Canvas. I needn’t have worried as i once again spent all day not able to put the book down. I feel like I was alongside the main characters throughout the story line thank to the wonderful storytelling in the book. My only worry now is how I will get anything done if Julia releases further books! ! *****

Five Star Review: Julia Wild is a new author to me but I will certainly be coming back for more of the same. As some of the other reviewers have said, this book is full of twists and turns and that gives it page turning quality. I could envisage it being made into a film as I think the plot would keep the viewer as enthralled as, I was, as a reader. *****

Five Star Review: This is such a good book. Well written with two amazing central characters. Brilliant story line which twists and turns and keeps you guessing. Not going to give anything away, but I wish more books were like this.*****